Hubtex Sideloaders

HUBTEX design, develop and manufacture specialist equipment for the handling of long, bulky and difficult loads. Get an overview of our wide and varied range then contact us for a quotation which we will gladly prepare according to your individual requirements.

Electric Multidirectional Sideloader


These all-purpose industrial trucks can be used for the handling of long goods, sheet metal , chip boards, tools, cable drums, rollers, oversized pallets and round bars in narrow aisle rack systems or free range within indoor and outdoor areas.

  • Capacities from 1.5 to 20.0 tonnes
  • Lift heights up to 12500 mm

Diesel/Gas Fourway Sideloader


The 3-wheel hydrostatically driven sideloader is an all-purpose vehicle which can be used for the transport of long loads in narrow aisles or as conventional frontloader for pallet and block stacking.

  • Capacities from 1.5 to 10.0 tonnes
  • Lift heights up to 7500 mm

Electric Multidirectional Sideloader (3-Wheel)


This industrial truck has been designed as a universal lift truck with a multidirectional steering system for handling pallets, long loads and loads of medium weight in narrow aisles and it is, for example, used in do-it-yourself stores, at profile and window manufacturers and many others.

  • Load capacities up to 3000 kg
  • Loadbed widths 800 /1000 /1200 mm
  • Lift heights up to 7500 mm
  • Driver‘s stand-up and driver‘s seat cabin

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