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Forklift Full Maintenance

Forklift Full Maintenance (also known as Total Maintenance and Repair) programs are designed to free the customer from the challenges associated with the ongoing upkeep of the equipment. The Full Maintenance Program includes all of the manufacturer’s recommended periodic services and repairs for breakdowns of major components.

The main advantage to a Full Maintenance Program is the predictable monthly costs. The customer pays a fixed rate and, in some cases, is offered a complimentary forklift loaner when a service repair experiences an extended downtime. This allows the customer to easily budget for the costs associated with owning a fleet of forklifts.

We are responsible for maintaining the unit’s records (i.e. dates of services, hours of usage, repairs) and are motivated to reduce costs for the customer by identifying abuse damage or needed rotation of the equipment fleet.

Before a company arranges a Full Maintenance Program, it should consider the service history of the forklift fleet. If the forklift fleet’s utilization is low and the costs have been reasonable, predictable and almost always in budget, a Full Maintenance rate may be too high. Full Maintenance rates are based on an expected cost per hour over a given time frame. The higher the utilization, the higher the expected costs.

Experienced technicians will catch potential problems early. Customers will avoid safety issues, costly breakdowns and hours of lost productivity. Doggett Material Handling will also provide the customer with critical documentation, including tracking dates of the forklift’s maintenance schedule as well as detailed records of inspections and repairs.

In short, a Full Maintenance Program takes the user out of the forklift business, putting that responsibility in the hands of the experts. Through teamwork and open communication, both Doggett Material Handling and the customer will benefit from the agreement.

Request a Doggett Material Handling Full Maintenance Quotation for your equipment and get out of the forklift business so you can focus on maximizing your bottom line.

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