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OSHA Compliant Operator Training

OSHA requires training for every operator for each and every type of material handling equipment in your facility and in each of your specific applications. As an authorized Toyota dealer, we offer OSHA compliant training and certification programs for you to use in your training programs, helping to alleviate worry that operator certification issues will cause unnecessary safety concerns or non-compliance with OSHA regulations.

Safety is the main reason for forklift operator training which also promotes efficient, mindful use and may minimize overall maintenance cost. Training includes vehicle inspection and maintenance to be performed by the operator.

OSHA Compliant Training Offerings:

  • OSHA Operator Safety Training and Certification
    • OSHA Regulations
    • Lift Truck Specifications
    • Warnings and Precautions
    • Capacity and Stability
    • Operator Limitations
    • Personal Protection
  • Train the Trainer Program
    • Meets or exceeds OSHA Standard CFR 29 1920.178
  • Train at our facility or yours
    • Certified Forklift Operator Trainer
    • Certified Technical Trainer
  • Daily checklists available for each industrial truck type

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