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Ford is well-known as an iconic American car company, the pioneer of the US car industry, offering vehicles for almost every buyer with a full line of cars, SUVs, vans, pickups and a full line of commercial trucks with unlimited body-added combinations including dump, water, service, etc.

We specialize in you

Bringing industrial equipment thinking and support services to the Ford buyer.

Doggett has a long and successful history of living up to the demands of commercial and industrial equipment users. 

Latin/hispanic culture & casa del precio perfecto

Doggett has a unique history servicing the Hispanic and immigrant community. Our territories for John Deere, Freightliner and Toyota Industrial Equipment run along the Texas/Mexican border from Juarez/ El Paso to Matamoros/Brownsville.

New Inventory

Our extensive new inventory includes the perfect vehicle for you!

Pre-Owned Inventory

Finding the perfect pre-owned vehicle will be seamless when working with our excellent sales professionals


When your vehicle needs repair or service, we understand that getting it done efficiently and right the first time is the most important thing. Our staff will deliver excellent service and get you back on the road in no time.

About Doggett Ford

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Doggett Ford is a full-service Ford automotive, truck and commercial truck dealer in Houston. Doggett Industries has a long history in excellent customer service in heavy equipment, and is now proud to have entered the Ford dealership family to serve our valuable customers. We have a strong, committed sales and service staff with many years of experience. Feel free to browse our inventory online, request more information about vehicles, and set up a test drive!

Doggett Ford

Doggett Ford is committed to achieving a customer satisfaction ranking among the highest in any major metropolitan market. We are proud to represent Ford and to continue serving our valuable customers in one of Houston’s oldest and best known dealerships.

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