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Morbark is a leader in the biomass market, building Industrial Drum Chippers, Chiparvestors, Flails and Brush Chippers, as well as Tub Grinders and Horizontal Grinders, to meet all of your chipping and grinding needs.


Morbark Chippers and Grinders Recycling

Morbark equipment assists in the size reduction of recyclable products. And with a more uniform end product, Morbark equipment can fit your processes, reducing your costs, increasing your profits, and most importantly, opening the doors of opportunity to you.


With their rigid structural frame and powerful internal-drive, single-feed-wheel infeed system, Morbark chippers are the best you can get. They can chip small, unmerchantable material, giving you access to more markets – and higher profits. These are just some of the reasons that Morbark is the largest and most respected name in chipping.

30/36 Whole Tree Drum Chipper

Morbark Drum-Chippers 30/36 WHOLE TREE DRUM CHIPPER

The Morbark 30/36 Whole Tree Chipper’s high production rate lowers operating costs by increasing fuel efficiency. The aggressive live floor feeding system with two strands of durable WHD-110 Chain and a large top feedwheel ensure positive feeding of material, including brushy tops and limbs. Morbark’s Advantage 3 Drum produces more consistent chips, while the heat-treated, AR-400 steel drum skin provides longer wear life for lower replacement costs and less downtime.

40/36 Whole Tree Drum Chipper

Morbark Drum-Chippers 40/36 WHOLE TREE DRUM CHIPPE

The Morbark 40/36 Whole Tree Drum Chipper is a compact, affordable, productive drum chipper designed with the biomass industry in mind. Equipped with the same internal drive perfected on Morbark horizontal grinders, along with an extra wide feed opening, the 40/36 aggressively feeds brushy tops and limbs, quickly and effortlessly filling a chip van to maximum legal load capacity. Morbark’s Advantage 3 Drum decreases downtime while providing higher-quality chips. The feed system is more efficient due to a staggered knife configuration and contains fewer moving parts, reducing maintenance. With low fuel consumption per ton produced, this unit is economical. At 8’6″ wide this compact unit is easily transportable and requires no permits to move.

50/48B Whole Tree Drum Chipper

Morbark Drum-Chippers 50/48B WHOLE TREE DRUM CHIPPER

The Morbark 50/48B whole tree, wood chippers are the largest, most productive drum chippers on the market. Equipped with Morbark’s exclusive Advantage 3 Drum, the 50/48B creates more uniform chips while keeping operating and maintenance costs low. The reverse pivot yoke produces more down pressure than the conventional style yoke for aggressive feeding of a variety of material. The 50/48B comes equipped with the Morbark Integrated Control System, allowing for both onsite and remote diagnostic monitoring of hydraulic pressures, temperatures, feed rates and more to maximize performance.

Beever™ M20R Forestry Chipper


Easily filling a 53′ trailer and sustaining up to four to five loads per day, the Beever™ M20R Forestry Chipper is a hard-working, aggressive chipper and the perfect option for those looking to enter the biomass market with low startup costs.


Morbark flails are designed to provide unmatched flexibility in controlling individual flail drum speeds, RPM, and feed rate while meeting the challenges of varying timber, climate, and conditions. These machines allow the user to produce high-quality chips even from non-merchantable or juvenile timber.

223 Stand-Alone Flail

Morbark Flails 223 STAND-ALONE FLAIL

Easy to transport, the Morbark 223 Flail is efficient and robust for in-woods chipping applications. The 223 is designed to work in conjunction with chippers like the Morbark 23 Chiparvestor®, the 40/36 Whole Tree Drum Chipper or similar machines. With a large 56” x 23” infeed opening, the 223 Flail accepts logs up to 23” in diameter at a feed rate from 70-150 feet per minute. The Morbark Integrated Control System allows for fine adjustment of feed rate and flail drum speed so that bark removal is maximized and removal of “good” fiber is minimized for superior end products.

2355 Flail Chiparvestor

Morbark Flails 2355 FLAIL CHIPARVESTOR

With a unique spreader infeed system to separate multiple stems, ultrasonically tested plate steel chipper disc, and hydrostatic controls, the Model 2355 is fully loaded and ready for action. Delivering up to 1,050 horsepower with a fuel capacity of 500 gallons, this machine produces high-quality chips from a variety of timber. Customizable options include remote control, dual engines, discharge spout extension and more. The cab offers the operator a six-way adjustable seat, joy stick controls, combination air conditioner/heater and emergency shut-down system, making operating the 2355 safe and comfortable.

2455 Stand-Alone Flail

Morbark Flails 2455 STAND-ALONE FLAIL

Whether used alone or in combination with a Morbark whole tree chipper to create a total fiber utilization system, the 2455 Stand-Alone Flail is built for maximized output. With three top feed rollers mounted on yoke assemblies, two stationary bottom feed rollers, and a bark discharge conveyor that folds for transport, this machine has many features perfect for whole tree chipping. The enclosed weatherized operator’s cab and color-tinted safety glass helps protect the operator.

2755 Flail Chiparvestor

Morbark Flails 2755 FLAIL CHIPARVESTOR

Offering three-, four- or six-knife chipper disc options, the 2755 is ideal for some of your toughest jobs. A 27″ diameter chipping capacity and lift capacity of 17,200 lbs. at 10′ make the 2755 one of the toughest machines for any job. Customizable options include ESPAR heating system for cold weather starts, discharge spout extension to load open vans or rail cars, debris plow in lieu of telescoping conveyor, and remote control.


These highly productive, aggressive machines are engineered for maximum output and profitability. Morbark Chiparvestors provide flexibility in controlling and meeting parameters while exceeding the challenges of varying climate, timber, and conditions to produce clean, high-quality chips.

Model 22 Chiparvestor Whole Tree Chipper


The Morbark Model 22 Chiparvestor is equipped with many features that make the biggest of jobs easy and comfortable for the operator. The roomy, climate-controlled operator’s cabin in the RXL is equipped with six-way adjustable seat, joystick controls, air conditioner/heater, and full instrumentation. It also tilts hydraulically for transport. The Model 22 boasts a powerful multi-wheel feed system and ultrasonically tested steel chipper disc for excellent chip quality. With a 22″ diameter chipping capacity, the 22 can handle some of the toughest jobs.

Model 23 Chiparvestor Whole Tree Chippers


The Morbark Model 23 Chiparvestor whole tree chippers are built to last. The hydraulic chipper hood allows for easy knife access, while the 23″ chipping diameter tackles some of the larger trees. Each chipper disc is put through ultrasonic testing, making it the best chipper disc in the industry. Options include a four-knife chipper disc, Caterpillar 320L undercarriage track, 11-HP air compressor, and many more. The Model 23 is able to chip large volumes of wood with its 75″ chipper disc. It also contains the Morbark Integrated Control System, which automatically adjusts feed rates, monitor pressures and feed wheel position to maximize production and engine efficiency.

Model 30 Chiparvestor Whole Tree Chipper


The largest in the line, the Morbark Model 30 is designed for power! This aggressive machine features a chipper disc that is 5″ thick and weighs 8,000 lbs., making it perfect for the toughest of jobs. With an 83″ disc and a four-wheel hydraulic feed wheel compression system, this machine is fully equipped to handle what you give it. Customizable options include a three-, four- or six-knife chipper disc, electronic RPM sensor, tri-axle, reversing fan, track option and many more, making it ideal for any of your needs. Increase your efficiency with the optional cab and loader, which boasts a lift capacity of 20,000 lbs. at 10′. With the optional Caterpillar 330L undercarriage, the Morbark 30 WCL Track can traverse the roughest terrain.

Tub Grinders

Morbark Tub Grinders are designed for the most challenging recycling applications. They excel at processing yard waste, pallets and other mixed woody feedstocks into saleable products. Morbark Tub Grinders not only give you best-in-class performance when they’re new, but also continue to perform and produce after several thousand hours of demanding work.

950 Tub Grinder

Morbark Tub Grinders 950 TUB GRINDER

A compact, easy-to-haul tub grinder for lower volume applications, this long-lasting, durable machine is ideal for converting yard and wood waste, pallets and other mixed woody feedstocks into sellable products. The 950 tub grinder is equipped with a proven drive line protection system that protects against catastrophic damage from contaminants. Hydraulic augers quickly remove product from beneath the mill; laser-cut, factory-balanced hammermills with forged hammers offer smooth operation; full breakaway torque limiter protects the engine and clutch against overload without stalling; and tub tilt provides easy access to grates and anvil for maintenance.

1000 Tub Grinder

Morbark Tub Grinders 1000 TUB GRINDER

This small but powerful tub grinder is perfect for lower volume applications for land clearing, wood waste recycling, municipalities and compost facilities. Like Morbark’s larger grinders, the 1000 tub grinder includes the Morbark Integrated Control System (MICS), which allows you to monitor key systems and adjust feed rates. Equipped with a proven drive line protection system with torque limiter, this model also boasts hydraulic augers to quickly remove product and prevent plugging, a pinned rotor system and a variety of heavy-duty grates to produce different end products, and optional hinged tub flares for use during transportation.

1100 Tub Grinder

Morbark Tub Grinders 1100 TUB GRINDER

The Morbark 1100 Tub Grinder brings price and performance together. This mid-sized grinder packs an impressive line of features usually only found on larger models, including the Morbark Integrated Control System to adjust feed rates of a variety of materials while optimizing fuel efficiency. Other features include a laser-cut, factory-balanced hammermill; dual hydraulic augers that maintain flow during material surges to prevent plugging; and a full breakaway torque limiter to protect the engine and clutch from catastrophic damage.

1200XL Tub Grinder

Morbark Tub Grinders 1200XL TUB GRINDER

The Morbark 1200XL Tub Grinder is a long-lasting, durable machine that holds its value. This mid-sized grinder features the Morbark Integrated Control System for the ultimate in diagnostics; dual hydraulic tub drive motors for increased torque and greater efficiency; hydraulic augers for quick removal of product from beneath the mill; laser-cut, factory-balanced hammermills with forged hammers for unsurpassed durability and smooth operation; and tub tilt for easy access to grates and anvil for routine maintenance.

1300B Tub Grinder

Morbark Tub Grinders 1300B TUB GRINDER

The Morbark 1300B Tub Grinder combines heavy-duty construction with the latest technology, including the Morbark Integrated Control System, which allows you to monitor critical machine parameters. With a full breakaway torque limiter system, hydraulic augers and a laser-cut hammer mill, the 1300B tub grinder is the most popular grinder on the market. Replaceable, one-piece anvil and tub floor wear plates make maintenance easy and reduce downtime. The optional 330L Cat undercarriage makes it easy to bring the grinder right to the material.

1600 Tub Grinder

Morbark Tub Grinders 1600 TUB GRINDER

Largest tub grinder on the market, the Morbark 1600 Tub Grinder has a 11’2″ tub diameter, 15′ tub opening and a capacity of 20 cubic yards. With horsepower ranging from 1,050 to 1,200, this machine can power through tons of raw materials. The Morbark Integrated Control System (MICS) monitors key systems while maximizing performance. The remote control allows you to quickly adjust feed systems for top production rates and fuel efficiency. With laser-cut, factory-balanced hammermills and three 16″ diameter hydraulic augers to quickly move product, this tub grinder gives you optimum production.

Horizontal Grinders

The Wood Hog is the best industrial-grade grinder you can get for processing brush, yard waste, clearing debris, storm debris, C&D waste, other mixed woody feedstocks, and asphalt shingles into saleable products.

2600 Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder

Morbark Horizontal Grinders 2600 WOOD HOG HORIZONTAL GRINDER

Compact and easy-to-tow, the Morbark 2600 Wood Hog is perfect for processing yard waste, brush and other mixed woody feedstock into saleable product. Equipped with up to 325 horsepower as well as a variety of innovative design elements, this efficient little package can take your business to the next level.

3200 Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder

Morbark Horizontal Grinders 3200 WOOD HOG HORIZONTAL GRINDER

Aimed at wood and green waste recycling applications, the Morbark 3200 Wood Hog is a compact and aggressive unit. A smaller, lighter, and more affordable unit with all of the benefits of our larger grinders, the 3200 can handle green waste, regrind, sawmill residue, pallets, and logs up to 14” in diameter ease. Available as a tracked unit for greater mobility or with electric power, the 3200 can be built with Morbark’s most popular options.

3800 Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder

Morbark Horizontal Grinders 3800 WOOD HOG HORIZONTAL GRINDER

The Morbark 3800 Wood Hog is an aggressive, productive grinder built to process clearing debris, yard waste, storm debris and other mixed woody feedstocks into saleable products. With a 38” x 59¾” infeed opening, the 3800 provides outstanding material flow into the mill chamber. Morbark designers created plenty of space under and within the mill to allow for smooth operation on large and bulky material. Engine options include Caterpillar or Cummins diesel engines with horsepower ranges from 400 to 630.

3800XL Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder

Morbark Horizontal Grinders 3800XL WOOD HOG HORIZONTAL GRINDER

We’ve designed the Morbark 3800XL Wood Hog to be the best horizontal grinder on the market. A larger, more aggressive hammermill and independent drive motors on the feed-wheel and belt-chain result in a continuous feed with higher production, greater fuel efficiency, and a more consistent end product. The 3800XL Wood Hog will dramatically increase your production capacity and operating efficiency.

4600XL Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder

Morbark Horizontal Grinders 4600XL WOOD HOG HORIZONTAL GRINDER

With a large hammermill and a 36″ tip swing, the Morbark 4600XL Wood Hog offers unmatched performance in its class. Features include a 60″ x 46″ infeed opening for processing bulky material, engine options up to 1050 HP, a pegged feed wheel to prevent wrapping, and rugged WHD-120 infeed chain to easily handle tough material.

6600 Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder

Morbark Horizontal Grinders 6600 WOOD HOG HORIZONTAL GRINDER

The 6600 Wood Hog is an aggressive, productive grinder ideal for processing clearing debris, yard waste and storm debris into saleable products. The 6600 Wood Hog’s 66″ x 50″ infeed opening processes large material with ease, and engine options up to 1200 HP give you plenty of power.

7600B Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder

Morbark Horizontal Grinders 7600B WOOD HOG HORIZONTAL GRINDER

Our largest, most productive grinder, the Morbark 7600B Wood Hog is built for processing clearing debris, yard waste and storm debris into sellable products. This heavy-duty grinder features a 76″ x 72″ infeed opening for processing a variety of material and engine options up to 1200 HP.

Slow-Speed Shredder

HT1042 Slow Speed Shredder

Morbark Slow-Speed Shredder HT1042 SLOW SPEED SHREDDER

The HT1042 is an aggressive, versatile slow-speed shredder that can be used to pre-shred or make the required end-product size. Designed as a universal machine for reducing wood (demolition wood, green waste, etc.), industrial waste (construction, demolition, tires, plastic, etc.) and other waste streams, it features a single-rotor design, adjustable anvil and removable grate system, allowing the operator to quickly change machine set-up based on material to be processed and desired end product. Like all Morbark equipment, the HT1042 Slow-speed Shredder is a long-lasting, durable machine backed by a world-class parts and service support team.

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