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THD Container Handlers

The Kings of the Hill, Port or Terminal

Engineered for fast lifting cycles, reliable operation and efficient serviceability, the Toyota Container Handlers are rugged beasts that handle like dreams. The Toyota Container Handlers are complete with excellent all-around visibility with elevated cab positions, angled overhead windows and wide view masts. The unique mast designs offers improved durability and reduced torsional stress. In fact, the Toyota Empty Container Handler includes side spreaders for twist-lock or hook container handling. There isn’t a detail Toyota has missed when it comes to the new Container Handlers. As a cherry on top of this invaluable workhorse, the new Toyota Container Handler is made entirely in the U.S.A. and the components are sourced from reputable companies like Dana, Cummins and Parker.

Empty Container Handler

Efficient Port Staging Leader

Empty Container Handler

  • Up to 19,800 lb. Lifting Capacity
  • Diesel-Powered
  • Stacks up to 8 High
  • Travels at speeds up to 25 MPH

Loaded Container Handler

King of the Port

Loaded Container Handler

  • Up to 90,000 lbs. Lift Capacity
  • Stacks up to 6 High
  • Diesel-Powered
  • 47 FPM Lifting Speed

Reach Stacker Container Handler

Container Stacking Champion

Reach Stacker

  • Up to 99,000 lbs. Lifting Capacity
  • Diesel-Powered
  • Reach Depth of 3 Rows
  • Stacks up to 5 High

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