Heavy-Duty Transport Vehicles

Heavy-Duty Transport Vehicles

Customized solutions based on experience

As a specialist provider of customised handling solutions, HUBTEX has wide-ranging experience in diverse market sectors. Challenges associated with the transport of heavy loads provide us with the opportunity to showcase our innovative products and solutions.

As the demand for heavier, larger and less manageable loads increases, HUBTEX employ highly skilled engineers and cutting edge technology to ensure our products provide solutions that are innovative, highly reliable and above all cost-effective.

Rail-Mounted Truck GWB

GWB 10 – 150 TONNES

The rail-mounted trucks made by HUBTEX are tailor-made to suit individual customer wishes and requirements. Well-proven standard components are used in the driving mechanisms and the control technology. The rail-mounted truck is exclusively designed for in-plant transport.

Platform Truck SFB


The Platform Truck SFB is a freely manoeuvrable, self-propelled electric vehicle for the in-plant transport of all sorts of heavy loads such as: metal sheets, steel girders, coils, machine parts, cast iron and tools. Due to its modular design, this self-propelled vehicle can be customized to suit various customer-specific requirements.

Electric Tractor Head EFCSH


HUBTEX driver seated electric tow tractor with hydraulic gooseneck. Three-wheel running gear with solid rubber tyres in compact design.

For fast and reliable handling (towing and pushing) of cargo trailers upto 50 tonnes.

Die Handler

UP TO 65 T

HUBTEX tool changers with load capacities of up to 65 tonnes help to reduce the changing times for pressing and stamping tools and so improve production efficiency. The compact running gear also allows for extremely low entrance heights underneath machinery.

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